What it is, how it began, and where we're going from here

The Story of Ohio for Jesus

James 2 reminds us that faith and action together are one powerful force. Ohio for Jesus is the encouraging story of God’s Spirit uniting the hearts of believers who discovered their steps of faith and action were coming into alignment in such a miraculous way that no man or woman could take the credit.

After hearing about the prayerful development and implementation of a 10-year strategic plan by the Tanzanian Assemblies of God, Ohio sent a delegation of leaders to observe first-hand what God can do when a group of churches and leaders unite to impact their communities with the gospel of Jesus. Simultaneously, the Ohio Ministry Network leadership was engaging with a consultant named Mike Messner to lead the presbyters and ministry directors on a strategy and vision journey.

Through this and a series of other remarkable events, God has positioned Ohio to develop and engage with its own strategic plan in an initiative dubbed Ohio for Jesus.

Dreaming Together


The opportunities below have been provided to inspire and encourage your team as we dream together and set goals in the areas of Leader Development, Church Health, Missions, and Church Multiplication.

Facebook Live

Join a Facebook live event with our network leadership guiding you and your team through a goal-setting agenda.

On-Site Event

Attend an on-site event designed to engage you and your team in an interactive dreaming and goal-setting session.


Schedule a consultant to work one on one with you and your team.

Prayer Rally

Join others from your area and region as we seek God for his direction for our network.


Experience the diversity and unity of the Tanzanian Assemblies of God and hear from our Network Superintendent regarding how we in Ohio will collaborate and dream together.

Prayer Guide

Join us in a seven-week time of prayer and fasting.

Dreaming Together


The tools below are designed to help you and your team dream together
about what God can do through you to reach your city and its surrounding communities for Jesus.


Download a discussion guide to engage your leadership team in setting goals in the areas of Leader Development, Church Health, Missions, and Church Multiplication.

Prayer Posters

Order or download prayer posters designed to help churches and leaders unite in prayer regarding the specific needs in our communities.


Download variations of the Ohio for Jesus logo to engage your entire team with the strategic plan.

Dreaming Together

Facebook Live

Join Pastor John Wootton for one of four Facebook Live events each focused on one of our four drivers.

January 9 Church Health Facebook Live Session

February 6 Leader Development Facebook Live Session

March 1 @ 10:00 – Church Multiplication

April 3 @ 1:00 – Missions Partnership

Dreaming Together

Prayer Rally

Let's come together to seek God's direction for the state of Ohio as we launch the ``Ohio for Jesus`` initiative.

The next regional prayer rallies will be scheduled in every area on
Sunday, June 9, 2019.
Location and times TBD. Check back soon for more information.

Dreaming Together

Your Dream

Please take a moment to share your dream with us. How many leaders can you mobilize? How many disciples can your church make? How many churches can you plant? How many missionaries can you support?